• Claudia is a true visionary and such a talented artist. As soon as I email her about my next book she is on the project! With dedication to creating the exact image I want, Claudia always produces my book covers in record time. Claudia has done the artwork for ten of my published novels and three of my future releases and is a huge part of the reason why this indie author has sold 180,000 copies so far. I always get compliments on my book covers and lots of readers tell me the cover art is why they were drawn to the book - my books can be found on quite a number of the ‘Best Book Cover’ lists on Goodreads.com.
    I can’t imagine anyone else creating the cover art for my books.

  • Claudia and her team are amazing. They took ideas that I had and used their talents to create a cover that was more than I even expected. The cover for my first novel rivals any cover on the bestseller lists and I greatly appreciate the quick turn around time and excellence of the Phatpuppy team.  

​V.B. Patel author of 25.4


  • Claudia’s art, combined with Teresa’s casting and photography, helped bring one of my favorite characters to life. Claudia’s ability to create a visual representation of a scene, from only a few lines of description, is absolutely stunning. The combination of speed and quality surprised me, and always in a positive way.

    Not only did Claudia provide excellent communication throughout the project, but every discussion I had with her was enjoyable. She helped me through the decisions on stock photos versus professional photo shoots and was kind enough to explain the advantages and drawbacks of each.

    The cost for such professional work was surprisingly reasonable. I will definitely be back for more, and am looking forward to working with this team on many more books.


  • I’ve worked with a few other artists and I must say, Claudia sets the bar unattainably high when it comes to professionalism, turnaround time and QUALITY. She is so fast and efficient and the results are mind blowing! When I saw the covers they motivated me to write at a time when I’d thought I’d lost my mojo. Claudia showed me that there are people out there that you can trust and depend on to create a quality product for you. I appreciate all of the time and effort she put into creating my five covers, they are amazing and I couldn’t have found a better person to create a glimpse into the world that’s been hiding in my mind. She brought my characters to life and I can’t thank her enough!

-Inger Iversen - Author of "Few are Angels"

  • Claudia is an insanely talented artist. She pushes the envelope time and time again with her awe-inspiring creations. She is not only professional but also fast and extremely receptive to input. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had a cover created for my book by her and will absolutely be using her rare unrivaled talents in the future. Once you find the best - you stick with the best!

    ~ Lorraine Beaumont, Author http://www.lbeaumont.blogspot.com

  • Claudia is a phenomenal artist. Her cover art tells a story before the book is even cracked open. I can come to her with a very loose idea of what I’m looking for, and she is able to understand me and produce magnificent covers that always exceed my expectations. When cover shoots are involved, she organizes and puts everyone in touch, and it’s a really exciting experience from beginning to end.
    Claudia’s turnaround time is beyond impressive, and I always look forward to working with her on upcoming projects. She has created all the covers for my published work. In fact, the next cover we work on together will be cover #10 and I can’t wait!
    I know she’s a big reason why readers notice my books, and I’m very grateful to have found such a brilliant artist who is truly a wonderful person to work with.
    ~Karice Bolton


  • Thank you! From working with Teresa, to you, to Ashley, this was a wonderful experience and I couldn't be more happy with the final result of the Mad Hatter cover. I will definitely use your services again in the future!

​--Marie Hall  www.mariehallwrites.blogspot.com



  • Claudia is the best! I'm convinced that her beautiful covers have helped my books become successful and break the Amazon Top 100. Even if people hate the book they always say they love the cover. She works quickly and isn't afraid to tell me if my idea isn't quite right. And she is-- unfortunately--invariably right. 
​--Caroline Hanson author of "Love is Darkness" and "Love is Fear"
  • I have used Claudia at PhatPuppy Art for many book covers and I must say, she is AMAZING! Quick, professional and her eye for detail is unmatched. I plan to use her for as long as she will put up with me. 
    --Aaron Patterson, Bestselling author of AIREL and SWEET DREAMS.
    Aaron Patterson
    StoneHouse Ink
  • Claudia creates breathtaking and beautiful art, as anyone can see.  Often you can find exactly what you need among her finished images.  When she creates a custom image, she listens carefully and gives good advice towards making the best possible image. She is incredibly fast for the high quality of work she does!  I have eight covers from Claudia and will continue to get cover art from her in the future."

​J. L. Bryan http://jlbryanbooks.com/books.html


  • I'm sure you hear that you're awesome all the time, and I'm just going to join in the chorus. The way you work, your dedication to quality and promptness, your solid knowledge of your craft and the book industry, and your professionalism is so inspiring. Thank you.

Shannon Humphrey, Author



  • Claudia was not the first cover artist I worked with. My first artist and I had been working together for almost a month. Despite many drafts and tons of emails, we were just not able to come together. My publishing house strongly recommended Claudia. 
    Thank heavens they did. Claudia had the first, nearly perfect, draft to me in one day! Not even one day, closer to an hour! Unbelievable. A few tweaks and 24 hours later, I had an amazing cover that people are gushing over! She is professional, attentive and fast! All while creating some of the most beautiful covers on the market today. I will never use another cover artist! 
Devri Walls
  • Phatpuppy Art did three of my book covers.  She was professional and dedicated.  My covers were each set up to my specifications in a quick turn around time.  Her work was gorgeous and I was thrilled with the finished project of all three books.

    Andrea Heltsley


  • Claudia McKinney is a book cover designer extraordinaire. I cannot recommend her more highly than I do (to every author I know). The custom covers she's created especially for me and my stories speak for themselves. Their intrigue and beauty are just a few of the reasons I've sold more than 50,000 books despite my status as a debut indie author. 

    Besides being undeniably talented, Claudia's work ethics are rare and incomparable. Few people work HARDER or FASTER on a project. My need for immediate gratification is satisfied each time we collaborate. Once I make a request, she begins focusing on my project. Within no time at all, she has a draft product. A short time later, she's created the final design, and I'm able to share it with my fans. The fact that she's completed six book covers for me signifies the comfort level I have with Claudia and her every decision.

    T. R. Graves, Author


  • I am a new author and had no idea what to expect when it came to purchasing cover art, but Claudia McKinney made the process simple and enjoyable. She created a beautiful cover for my book at a reasonable price. I look forward to working with her and Phatpuppyart again in the future, as I continue to write and publish more books.
  • Claudia McKinney is an extremely talented and hard-working artist who always goes the extra mile to ensure a beautiful cover.   

Maria Rachel Hooley, Author  http://mariarachelhooley.com


  • Claudia McKinney of Phat Puppy Art is not only a very talented artist, but she’s incredibly gifted in translating an author’s dream into reality. She was lovely to work with and has brought my characters to life in her dynamic cover art. I have had many readers tell me that they picked up my books because of the covers, and that is exactly what good cover artwork should do!  

Rhiannon Frater, Author.  http://rhiannonfrater.com


  • "Claudia McKinney is the BEST of the best!!!! She is super innovative, wickedly unique and absolutely unrivaled when it comes to making your dream cover become a reality!"

Ashley of the Bookish Brunette


  • I worked with Claudia on two covers and what a great experience. She helped me get a clear idea of what i needed and completed the work in quickly. I have two magnificent covers I can be sooo proud of. Thanks Claudia!!

Suzanne Cox, Author


  • As an avid reader I initially peruse specific books when cover art catches my eye. A trend emerged as I would search: 90% of the books I was selecting to view had the wonderful cover art rendered by Claudia McKinney of Phatpuppy Art! That simple fact was enough to convince me to contact Ms. McKinney for my own book covers. 


    Wow, was I not disappointed. Beyond the Supremely Gorgeous Art that she offers, her responsiveness, professionalism and interactive flexibility cannot be overstated. In a word, working with Claudia is tremendous. It's a fact that since she overhauled the first book in my Savage Series, The Pearl Savage, sales have increased and been holding steady. The response from readers on my future release covers has been overwhelmingly positive. 


    Phatpuppy Art is the exact “window dressing” an indie author requires to have a stand-out work shine from the inside out. Let her artwork speak for your story. After four covers done by Claudia, they're sure “speaking” for mine! I won't use anyone else~


    Tamara Rose Blodgett, Author   http://tamararoseblodgett.blogspot.com/



  • Extreme satisfaction. Claudia with PhatPuppyArt.com is artistically talented beyond what words can express. She did such an amazing job and has been so incredible to work with that not only would I highly recommend her to anyone needing a book cover or anything art related, but I also can’t wait to work with her on my next book, Crimson Rain (book #2 in The Crimson Series [the sequel to Crimson Groves)

​Ashley Robertson AshleyRobertsonBooks.com.



  • "Claudia of Phatpuppy art is a real find. She is a delight to work with and provides unique, professional artwork. Claudia's art inspires me to write more books, just so I can see the breathtaking covers!"

Elita Daniels, Author


  • Amazing work! Between Teresa, the photographer, and Claudia working their magic, my novel received a new lease on life. Starfire Angels Book 1 is getting more downloads and climbing the ranks at online retailers once again. I couldn’t have chosen a better team to reinvigorate the series. Thank you!





  • "Working with Claudia was an amazing experience. She works incredibly fast, but without sacrificing quality or the author’s ability to guide the cover’s development. Throughout the process, I felt like we were partners working toward a shared goal. She is the consummate professional—an artist who provides clear direction, offers suggestions when needed, yet is accommodating and makes fulfilling the author’s vision her main priority. The prospect of finding an artist to create five ebook covers was something I initially dreaded. And then I discovered Claudia. The result was better than I imagined possible—not only did I end up with five quality covers for a reasonable price, I came away with a rewarding experience that was stimulating, exciting, and—perhaps most of all—FUN. I was actually kind of sad when it was over!"

​David Stahler, Author


  • The moment I saw Claudia’s incredible artwork I knew she was the one I wanted to make my characters come alive on the cover.  I am always impressed by her visions based on a few sketchy ideas and I love that she is not afraid to tell me what works and what doesn’t.    I have enjoyed working with her on my first two books and I look forward to working with her on many future projects. 

                -- Jamie Scheid

                    http:// www.jamiescheid.com


  • Here’s a little secret: writers dread searching for a cover artist because it isn’t easy finding a complete professional—someone not only talented with images but with the way they handle themselves throughout the entire creative process.

    Claudia McKinney (Phatpuppy Art) is a complete professional. She has an amazing
    eye for detail, zeroes in on what you’re looking for, then throws in that extra
    magic “burst” that transforms a book cover (or any of her wonderful images) into
    a visual delight. Here’s the best part: she handles everything ASAP, with plenty
    of updates on when to expect results. (Doesn’t hurt that’s she’s friendly, too!)
    Claudia dissolves the dread and leaves you with compelling, enchanting results.

​Author Daniel Cray http://danielcray.com


  • Claudia's work is rare and flawless. Her art is breathtaking, and her unique vision conjures up endless fantasies for my muse. I cannot say enough about her amazing talent, but her pure heart surpasses even words. I was blessed when I found her, and you will be too. Her customer service and client care are second to none. She has designed all six of my series's covers, and let me just say...people stop and do a double-take over these covers. Her artwork alone can sell a book. My written words are blessed to be wrapped about with such exquisite beauty. Thanks, Claudia. You...are...amazing!

Author JKEnsley


  • Claudia is not only extraordinarily talented but also one of the most giving, kind, and thoughtful people I’ve been privileged to meet during my writing journey. Claudia maintains the highest degree of professionalism while also being warm and caring. She created custom cover art for me in a matter of hours, responding instantly to my feedback, and when weeks later I hesitantly requested a further change, she made it cheerfully and quickly—and, of course, beautifully! I feel so fortunate not only to have such exquisite art on my book covers but also to have met such a truly lovely person. Thank you, Claudia!

--Amanda DeWees, author of the Ash Grove Chronicles (www.amandadewees.com)​​


  • "Claudia (Phatpuppy Art) is the best cover artist I've worked with. She is so talented, has astute taste, knowledge of the market, and is a great communicator. Very professional. I highly recommend working with her!" - Ellie Ann, New York Times bestseller http://ellieann.net


  • Having worked with other artists in the past, I was immediately blown away by Claudia's lightning quick response time and approachability. Questions and requests were sometimes addressed within minutes, and the art is of course top notch. She has probably spoiled me for any other artist, so I hope she stays in business a loooong time. ;) 'Anathema: Escalation, the upcoming dark superhero series by Olivia (O.C. Rising). https://anathemaserial.wordpress.com/